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Aztec point guard puts family first

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SAN DIEGO, Calif.-- Aztecs point guard Jeremy Hemsley earned Mountain West Freshman player of the year after concluding his first season at state as the teams second leading scorer and second in assists.
"I didn't have any expectations my freshman year," said Hemsley. "I didn't really shock myself either. I know that the things that I show people that's what I can do. I try to go into every situation without any expectations. I leave that to other people."
For some time, Hemsley said no one expected much of him or believed he had the talent to play at the collegiate level.  But when the doubts surfaced, his parents continued to support him.
"They've meant everything," said Hemsley. "People didn't believe in me. I didn't have offers and people around me were getting offers. My parents said I was good enough. Pushed me to better my game. Better myself. Get me to where I am right now so I have all the love in the world for them."
The Rancho Cucamonga native said since the second grade he set a goal for himself to buy his parents a house and that's a goal he hasn't given up.
"I knew they didn't have it easy. I know that I want them to be able to rest and be able to relax" said Hemsley. "If me buying them a house and being able to help take care of them can put some type of ease on them, that will make me feel good about them putting me in a better position growing up."
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