Voters narrowly approve statewide plastic bag ban

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SACRAMENTO - Voters narrowly approved California's ban on single-use plastic grocery bags, but defeated an initiative redirecting money collected by stores from the sale of the bags to fund environmental projects.

The approval of Proposition 67 validated the Legislature's previously approved prohibition. The proposition bars grocery stores and other selected retail outlets from handing out single-use plastic bags, but allows them to sell recycled paper bags and reusable bags for a minimum of 10 cents.

Understanding Props. 65 and 67 – Plastic Bags

State legislatures approved the ban and the governor signed it into law in 2014, but a referendum forced the issue onto the ballot, FOX 11 reported.

Many California cities and counties, including San Diego, have adopted plastic bag bans that are already being enforced.

The law will go into effect on December 9, although some stores around San Diego County were already enforcing it.

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