Political leaders discuss moving forward after Election Day

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SAN DIEGO - The 2016 election season has been a contentious one, and that was the focus of a panel discussion Friday.

The Catfish club hosted the discussion between San Diego County Democratic Chair Francine Busby and GOP Vice Chair Barrett Tetlow.

“This has been probably the most divisive election in my life and I was around for Nixon,” said San Diego Mesa College Professor and FOX 5 Political Analyst Carl Luna, who moderated the discussion.

Luna asked, with so much divisiveness, how do we move forward?

“I don’t have a great answer. I predict more gridlock. I wish it were better. The takeaway we can have here in San Diego is, don’t be like D.C.,” said Tetlow.

Come November 8as San Diego County Democratic Chair Francine Busby states, half the country will be upset while the other half may be relieved.

However, on local issues such as San Diego roads and education, both parties agree it’s working together that will make San Diego better.

“In San Diego, I think both of our parties tend to have a lot of extremists and more emotional and more passionate members that want to pull us off to both sides but luckily, we do elect officials and when they are elected, they find out most issues aren’t partisan," Busby said. They find out they do have to work together and they do work together well,” said Busby.

Attendees said the civilized discussion is a reflection of how well the city's parties work together and they feel better come Election Day.

“I thought it showed some hope that on the local level we can have civilized conversations and try to find solutions,” said Dave Nielsen.

“There’s partisan politics everywhere but in terms of what everyone wants for the City of San Diego and what we want for our country, I thought they were pretty cohesive,” said Marla Marshall.

The Catfish Club holds civil discussions on the first Friday of every month on a variety of important issues in San Diego.