Drivers in South Bay targeted by paintball snipers

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SAN DIEGO -- Police are looking for snipers who have been targeting South Bay drivers with paintballs.

One man told FOX 5 a shot came inches away from causing a crash.

The shooters are reportedly waiting for cars to come close enough to pull the trigger and paint their doors with white pellets.

"It was a pretty loud bang...I didn't stop, I just continued," said Omar Suner.

Suner refused to look back after his car was shot at by a hidden paintball sniper early Friday morning.

"Many things went through my mind...if it was a real bullet I'm not going to stop and turn around to see who's pointing it so I just kept driving," said Suner.

The driver's Camaro was used as a target for someone firing paintballs at unsuspecting commuters along Otay Lakes Road near Bonita Road, missing the Chevy's driver side window by inches.

"I got lucky but it was pretty close, you know, if it would have hit me in the face, probably would have ended up causing a bigger incident," Suner said.

The shot didn't cause any visible damage to the door. Suner called the non-emergency 9-1-1 line to report the crime.

It's unknown how many other drivers may have been struck.

No arrests have been made, however, the culprit could face assault charges if caught.

"I hope he realizes that little things like that could have a really bad impact in the future, probably end up killing somebody or himself," said Suner.