Squirrel caught chewing through Cleveland Indians fan’s pumpkin

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CLEVELAND - Just hours after the Chicago Cubs won World Series Game 7, Cleveland Indians fan Lucy Matz saw her cat staring out of her window to see a squirrel chewing through her pumpkin.

She posted video of the happy squirrel on Facebook.

"Soooo this just happened on my porch. At least someone is enjoying themselves this morning in The Land," Matz said.

It wasn't the only curious squirrel in Ohio to make headlines.

Squirrel sparks Halloween voting outage in Ohio

Reports of voter intimidation, rigged elections and worse have put Democrats and Republicans on alert for just about any culprit, save the one bushy-tailed bandit that stalled an Ohio county's voting on Halloween.

Voters in Miami County, Ohio were forced to use backup paper ballots after a squirrel stalled early voting there Monday. Details were sparse, but the Dayton Daily News reported that a squirrel was blamed for a power failure that stretched from 9:15 a.m. Monday to 5 p.m. that same day.

"We lost power and we were forced to vote by paper," Eric Morgan, deputy director of the Miami County Board of Elections, told CNN.

A call to the county's maintenance chief for more details was not immediately returned Thursday. Morgan did not know offhand whether the critter survived the power outage.