Guide to Nov. 8 Ballot Initiatives

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Rosa Ayala checks her ballot after voting in the US presidential primary June 7, 2016 at Sabores de Oaxaca, a Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles, California. / AFP / Michael Owen Baker (Photo credit should read MICHAEL OWEN BAKER/AFP/Getty Images)

SAN DIEGO — San Diego County voters face  a dizzying array of state propositions and local  initiatives on the Nov. 8 presidential ballot.

All California voters will have to decide how to vote on 17 statewide propositions. They deal with issues including taxing high incomes, legalizing marijuana, abolishing the death penalty, regulating gun and ammunition sales and many other important subjects.

That’s not the end of it. San Diego County voters will decide on 35 different local ballot measures, though no one will vote on all 35. San Diego City residents, for example, are the only ones who can vote on two measures having to do with financing a new downtown Chargers stadium.

Where to begin? FOX 5 has put together  descriptions of all the state propositions and some of the most important local measures to help you get started with your decision making. Follow the links below for a short video explanation of each measure and an overview that links to more detailed information.

State Propositions

Selected San Diego County Ballot Measures

Additional Voter Resources

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