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San Diego’s 911 wait times improving

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SAN DIEGO — A new report released by the San Diego Police Department shows wait times on 911 calls are improving.

According to the report, dispatchers answered 85 percent of calls within 10 seconds in August — with an average wait time of six seconds.

In September, more than 88 percent of calls were answered within 10 seconds — with the average wait time dropping to five seconds.

“It is very important to us, we know it’s important to the community, that we answer that 911 call as quickly as possible,” said Police Chief Shelley Zimmerman.

She says the key to improvements has been the hiring of 35 new dispatchers since the beginning of the year, while existing dispatchers received raises.

“We’ve received about 10,000 911 calls in the last couple weeks — our average wait time is down now to 4 seconds,” said Zimmerman.

Wait times got a lot of attention back in April after a newborn died from a dog bite and the parents said they couldn’t reach a dispatcher when they called 911.

At the time, the average wait time was around 15 seconds.

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