Report: Arrests at Chargers games outrank all other NFL stadiums

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Qualcomm Stadium

Qualcomm Stadium

SAN DIEGO – A new report revealed that more people are arrested at Qualcomm Stadium during San Diego Chargers games than any other National Football League stadium.

The Washington Post released data over the weekend stating that over the past five seasons an average of 24.58 arrests were made per game at Qualcomm Stadium. The other stadiums who had the most arrests were in New York (21.96 arrests per game), Oakland (17.78) and Pittsburgh (16.75).

League-wide statistics from the 2015 season showed an average of 6.34 arrests per game during the 17-week regular season.

The reason why San Diego topped the list may be a result of the police instituted a stricter policy after a 2013 violent parking lot brawl that involved glass bottles being thrown at people.

“The NFL sees high arrest numbers at its stadiums in San Diego, New York and Pittsburgh as byproducts of those franchises’ zero-tolerance policies; Oakland, though, is continually on the league’s radar, along with San Francisco, Cincinnati, Cleveland and Philadelphia,” the Post reported.

Although arrest totals fluctuate year to year, they have trended slightly upward on a per-game basis since 2011, according to a Washington Post examination of police data from the past five seasons.

Data collected by city, county and state police who provide security for NFL games show the later the game starts, the more arrests are made.

“Of the 15 games the past five seasons with the most arrests, a combined 705, nine of those contests began at 4 p.m. or later,” the Post reported.

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