Egg-throwing vandals target local restaurant customers

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SAN DIEGO -- Customers are getting more than they ordered at bars in Mission Beach and the problem has left businesses scrambling.

Over the last few days, a group has reportedly been driving by and egging customers, leaving at least one person hit in the head.

“I look at this car and this guy smiled at me and chucked an egg towards my head and it flies and hits the bar,” said Ashlee Ruiz.

Ruiz didn’t expect her happy hour to turn into an egg-dodging session.

The hair stylist and her friend were narrowly missed earlier this week by a group that’s been targeting beachside bars.

“He smiled and we locked eyes and he just chucked an egg at me,” Ruiz said.

The pair were having a beer Tuesday on the outside patio of Miss B’s in Mission Beach when they say the group drove by and started heaving raw eggs at customers.

“It’s very frustrating because we want them to come back," said Eddie Jurado, manager at Miss B’s. "Especially when you bank on tourism and the local crowds, it’s not what you want."

“A girlfriend of mine, she was leaving Miller’s Field like two weeks ago and got egged," Jurado added.

Reports of the egg-chuckers have spread throughout Mission Beach and Pacific Beach. FOX 5 cameras spotted fresh egg shells on the ground near some restaurants off Mission Boulevard.

“I think it’s really asinine that someone would do something like that we’re just innocent people out having a great time and it’s like they have nothing better to do than go out and harm people,” Ruiz said.

If the pranksters are caught they could face vandalism or assault charges.