Graphic signs send strong message at Trump Tower protest

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CHICAGO — Hundreds of women gathered in front of Chicago’s Trump Tower Tuesday morning to protest Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s treatment of women.

*** WARNING — Some signs contain vulgar language that may offend many readers ***

The women, some of whom survivors of sexual assault, marched outside Trump Tower and called for all women to reject the Republican candidate.

Most of them carried signs making explicit references to the “Access Hollywood” tape of Trump’s vulgar comments about women and how he used his celebrity and fame to grope women. Among the milder messages were: “Keep your tiny hands to yourself,” “Nope to the grope,” “No consent = assault” and “Grab him by the polls.”

After the tape was made public, multiple women have come forward claiming Trump made unwanted sexual advances on them. Trump has denied all of the allegations and called the women making them liars.