Suicidal man surrenders to police after two-hour standoff

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Suspect, named George according to his ex-wife, finally surrenders to police after a two-hour standoff. During the police activity, Juarez Lincoln Elementary down the street, had to be locked down.

SAN DIEGO — A suicidal man finally gave up after a two-hour standoff with police in Otay Mesa Monday afternoon.

Police said the man, named George according to his ex-wife, got into an argument with his mother inside their home on Coldwell Lane.

He reportedly destroyed and threw furniture during a fight with his mother.

Neighbors heard the commotion and called police.

As they arrived, they reportedly found the mother outside who told them her son wanted to kill himself.

He told officers he had a gun and wanted them to kill him.

A police negotiator was brought in and managed to talk the man into giving up.

Throughout the police activity, Juarez Lincoln Elementary just down the street was locked down.

Parents said they got an automated phone call telling them their children were safe but would not be allowed to leave.

“It was hectic, they didn’t give much information all they said was that the kids were safe but they’re locked down, a lot of questions came to mind,” said Tammy Fischer whose two sons attend the school.

The suspect was taken to medical facility for a psychiatric evaluation.

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