El Cajon businesses, residents hope for normalcy after 6 days of protests

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EL CAJON, Calif.  -- Everything was seemingly quiet in El Cajon Monday, after six days of protests.

Thousands of people had flooded the streets of El Cajon in protest and rallies following the fatal shooting of Alfred Olango by an El Cajon police officer Tuesday. In all, 17 people were arrested during the nearly week-long public gatherings.

Betty Walters lives near the location where 38-year-old Olango was shot and killed. She says the mayhem that has ensued every night since has been unnerving for residents.

“Afraid to go to the doctor, dentist, go to the store, go pay bills,” said Walters. “I can’t clean, I can’t work in the yard, because I’m afraid. I’m even afraid to take my dogs out at night."

Businesses nearby were also adversely affected.

Juan Coria of the East County Pawn Shop told FOX 5 business owners were advised to close their doors as a precaution, following the release of cell phone video of that officer involved shooting. He says everyone along this street is eager to just get things back to normal.

“This started maybe Wednesday when everyone started getting rowdy. They blocked off the traffic, they blocked off the entrance," said Coria. "The first couple of days we were kind of nervous. We didn’t know what was going to happen.”

“I understand the whole movement, but it’s our community, let’s just get back to business, and deal with it how we’re supposed to,” said Coria.

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