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Some businesses remain closed during march for Alfred Olango

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EL CAJON, Calif. – Hundreds of people marched down Main Street in El Cajon Saturday, chanting the name of Alfred Olango, the man shot and killed by police Tuesday.

During the march, demonstrators passed a number of business closed for the event.

“This event was meant to be peaceful. Every leader and organizer stressed the importance of keeping things peaceful so our message can be heard,” said Mar Cardenas, a demonstrator.

That message was heard loud and clear from those who marched shouting, “No justice, no peace, no racist police.”

On Friday, the El Cajon Business Partners sent out a letter recommending business stay closed Friday through Sunday, but for some, it was business as usual.

“People, they are afraid, that’s why they closed their businesses,” said Amy Potris, who worked at a local beauty supply store on Main Street.

Fortunately, the vigil and march was peaceful from demonstrators, but police were present in the event any violence broke out.

“I’m glad I stayed open today. At the same time, I feel hurt for the man who died and especially for the sister. I pray that God will comfort her heart,” said Potris.

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