Another hot one for students with no air conditioning

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SAN DIEGO -- Students at James Madison High School were more than happy to hear the school bell ring Tuesday releasing them from a hot day indoors.

“I honestly did not want to come to school yesterday or today,because of the heat and since they have no air conditioning. I just didn’t feel like coming, but I had to either way,” said Cynthia Pomposa, a sophomore at James Madison High School.

Despite the struggle with no air conditioner, students like Pomposo went to school anyway. One teacher on lunch break couldn’t talk on camera, but told FOX 5 the classrooms reached into the 90s. One student, wishing to remain anonymous, sent a picture of his classroom thermometer reaching 96 degrees.

“It is concerning because the schools are not equipped with AC. I told him I said if it’s unbearable give me a call and I’ll pull you out,” said Rosie Ramseier, who has a freshman son going to Madison High.

San Diego Unified School District says they are working to get all their schools air-conditioned by 2019, but it’s a process. Right now about 74 schools have 79 percent or less without A/C, meaning some have no air- conditioning at all.

“The challenging part is trying to stay focused trying to keep it off your mind,” said freshman Joshua Philipp.

The district tells FOX 5 the kicker with calling a half-day is it has to happen by noon the day prior and the requirements are 95 degrees with a heat index of 103.

Currently, the districts facilities office monitors the weather and makes that call. Meanwhile students are doing what they can to stay cool.

“Lots of water always and there is a fan so if your back there, you’re luck if you have a fan,” said Anthony Viegas.

Students say the school has plenty of water fountains to refill their water bottles.

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