7th grader made threats to shoot up Oceanside school

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. – A seventh grade student was expelled from school after threatening to shoot people at an Oceanside school, officials confirmed Tuesday, adding that they held a meeting with parents Monday evening.

A student's threat to shoot a group of people at Lincoln Middle School was reported to Oceanside Unified School District on September 20.  School officials were not permitted to release the student's name.

Lincoln Middle School"There was a general threat of shooting up the school. There was also a list of individuals and as well as a group of people that the person wanted to harm," according to a letter sent by OUSD officials. "Parents of the named students, the named students and the students in the group were informed of threat. Staff members that were on the list were also informed."

The middle school student did not have access to weapons and no other suspects were involved, according to investigators.

School officials held a meeting with parents Monday evening to discuss their investigation and address their concerns.

OUSD spokeswoman Lisa Contreras posted a statement regarding the investigation:

"This week, we learned of a potential threatening situation at Lincoln Middle School. School leadership, in partnership with law enforcement, quickly investigated and dealt with the potential situation. While there is no immediate concern we would like to be proactive and inform our families of this matter."

Parent Blanca Sungcavana told FOX 5 she was upset and she said the whole situation could have been handled better.

"I know there was a meeting, but I couldn’t make it," said Sungcavana. "Just concerning to me because I’m supposed to get information and I haven’t."

Sungcavana said even after the meeting she still remains uniformed.

"They were supposed to send letters to parents on Monday, haven’t got one yet," Sungcavana said.

District officials said a call went out to all Lincoln Middle School parents Friday. A notice was also posted on the district’s website as well as a link to an FAQ page.

Oceanside police said there are no criminal charges pending against the student, the child has been referred to proper authorities.

"Now a days these kids get away with a lot. You need to be better parents to our kids. It’s too close to home, it’s a little scary," Sungcavana said.

Students were encouraged to continue to go to school. More security has been added to patrol the school.

Anyone with information about the threats should contact Oceanside Police Department and school officials.