Betting man knows how to pick the ponies

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DEL MAR, Calif.-- One of the mot unique fixtures at the Del Mar Race Track, Jimmy "The Hat" , bets on the ponies everyday at the summer meeting.

"The last 30 years I've put in excess of $30 million dollars back and forth through the windows," said Jimmy.

The professional horse racing gambler hit his first Pick 6 in 1986 with a pay out of $26,000. But he says the Pick 6 that really put him on the map came on January 16, 1989.

"I put together a $3,840 Pick 9 ticket. I picked 9 winners in a row," said Jimmy. That race earned him a little over one million dollars.

To this day, the Solana Beach resident shows up to his "office" at the Del Mar Race Track with his set routine, dapper hat, and intention to win the day.

"People don't realize there are a thousand ways to lose a horse race and only one way to win it," said Jimmy. "So you have to get lucky. But following horse racing is no different then a good stock broker that follows the stock market."