Local couple ‘Set for Life’ after $10 scratcher pays off big

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SAN DIEGO — State lottery officials said Monday that a San Diego couple won $20,000 a month for the next 25 years with a $10 “Set for Life” scratcher ticket purchased in Normal Heights.

It all came by chance because Doug Bekkadahl originally planned to do his shopping at a military base commissary but changed his mind when he saw a long line to get inside.

“I forgot it was payday and it was really crowded,” Bekkedahl said. “So I decided to skip the commissary and go to Vons instead.”

He ended up at a grocery store at 3610 Adams Ave., played the ticket and won.

Bekkadahl and his military veteran wife, Lynn, plan to take a cruise to Panama, buy a condominium in San Diego and pay off their bills, according to the lottery. They were already going to Spain in October, but might use their windfall to make the trip a little fancier.