Coyotes kill several pets in Chula Vista

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SAN DIEGO - Pet owners in Chula Vista are on alert after more than a dozen have reported encounters with coyotes.

Rick Kessler arrived home earlier this month to find his dead dog in the backyard, a few days apart from discovering his dead cat.

"She got out that night and I discovered her right where we’re standing, and there was blood everywhere. She was torn apart. She wasn’t eaten yet," said Kassler. "The animal came right towards me. It didn’t stop until it was about 20 feet away, and he was big. Normally, coyotes are small, very scrawny, but this thing was huge, like a German Shepard. It was very, very big."

San Diego Animal Services say hazing is the best way to get the coyotes to leave the area.

"Best thing that you can do is called 'coyote hazing,' which is to scare them out of the residential areas back into the canyons where they belong," said Dan DeSousa with Animal Services.

Pet owner Latisha Zamora has gathered 15 incident reports from recent animal encounters in the past three weeks. Her goal is to present the list to the county in hopes their neighborhood can get help relocating the coyotes.

"It’s a difficult situation you don’t want anything to happen to the coyotes, but we can’t have our pets being killed."