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For at least six months, everyone seemed to be in an uproar over the fact that the Ghostbusters remake had four female ghostbusters. That seems such a bizarre thing to be upset over. Those goofy fanboys should just get upset over remakes, which are never as good. I figured the Bridesmaids trio of Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, and director Paul Feig, was a decent start. Boy was I wrong. Although I should probably state, I felt the original was highly overrated.

This movie just goes to show that you can assemble all the funny people in the world on screen, if you don’t give them a decent script, you’ve got nothing. You see, the cast also includes the amazingly talented Saturday Night Live member Kate McKinnon. She has a few funny lines, but spends way too much time hamming it up for the camera, sounding like a mix of Jane Lynch and Sandra Bernhardt. She gets annoying rather quick. Another SNL cast member, Leslie Jones, is rarely funny on SNL. Throwing her in this, with goofy lines like “Aw, hell no!” doesn’t really add much of anything. She had a total of one funny scene. When she’s slapping a possessed McCarthy and yelling, “The power of pain compels you! The power of pain compels you!”

The amount of funny scenes can be counted on one hand, and with all the controversy about the female cast, it’s ironic that the men get the biggest laughs. That would be Andy Garcia, as the Mayor of New York, who kept telling the press there was nothing to worry about.

Also Chris Hemsworth, as the handsome but dumb receptionist, who gets the most laughs. And even a few of those are forced.

This cast has little chemistry, and little laughs. The nods to the original are at times cute, other times you wonder…are they so afraid of the ghosts of the past, that they’re not making their own movie. They’re rebooting. It’s one of the frustrating things about the last Star Wars movie (which was at least entertaining), or the many Spider-man reboots. Why are we watching the same basic movie, just with different actors? Let them ad lib, or write them a funny script.

A few of the cameos from the original cast work, a few of them are distracting. The best cameo was the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, but I won’t ruin what happens with him.

My favorite scene was a little throw-away with some cops guarding a crime scene, and one of them talking about how he buys T-shirts for 50 cents, and wears them once and throws them away.

It’s weird that they didn’t give us a more original and updated Ghostbusters theme song (I was expecting hip-hop). It’s weird that they didn’t seem to upgrade the special effects. This isn’t 1984, but then…maybe that was all part of the nod to the original, too. It’s hard to figure out how they spend the $150 million budget.

I didn’t see it in 3D, but noticed there were many scenes that were probably a bit of fun if you had on those glasses. Ghosts and explosions flying right at you.

Ghostbusters was no gut buster, but I’m sure it’ll break some box office records. And when you’re really just trying to cash in on the popularity of the original, I guess you can say they succeeded. I just expected a bit more from Paul Feig.

This gets 2 stars out of 5, and I’m being generous.