Del Cerro residents angry over ongoing crime

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SAN DIEGO –Del Cerro residents angered over ongoing crime in their neighborhood gathered Thursday to voice their frustrations to police.

Concerned residents believe crime is spilling into their neighborhood from nearby Adobe Falls, which they say is plagued with graffiti, drug paraphernalia and college students partying.

The special meeting was called by the Del Cerro Action Council Thursday night and comes on the heels of a deadly home invasion and sexual assault.

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Homicide detectives told the crowded room that they were confident the murder suspect, Eduardo Torres, did not live in the nearby canyon, but tempers flared.

“Yesterday, my wife called concerned. I didn`t see any cops arrive. I see more in this room tonight than I ever have in my neighborhood,” said one concerned neighbor.

Residents say it isn’t a coincidence that in the last two years their neighborhood has been riddled with trespassers and crimes.

“They aren`t homeless people, these are people partying down there. They`re starting campfires. I`m afraid for our properties," Holly, a concerned resident said.

Police says they have conducted 70 response checks in the area since April 1. They are also planning to build a fence and replace signs in the area but warn trespassers will be ticketed on a case-by-case basis.