Here’s a sneak peek at the newest emojis

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CUPERTINO, Calif.  -- We will finally have the right emoji to sum up our love for bacon. released mockups Thursday of the newest emojis that will be released with the latest Unicode update this month.

The 72 emojis will include bacon, a facepalm, a John Travolta-inspired disco dancer and even an emoji for a selfie.

Emojipdia Tweeted its mockups Thursday:

Once the update is released on June 21, vendors such as Apple and Google will be able to add the emojis to software updates.

Here is the full list of what's coming:

    • Rolling On The Floor Laughing


    • Face With Cowboy Hat


    • Clown Face


    • Lying Face


    • Drooling Face


    • Nauseated Face


    • Sneezing Face


    • Prince


    • Mother Christmas


    • Man In Tuxedo


    • Shrug


    • Face Palm


    • Pregnant Woman


    • Man Dancing


    • Selfie


    • Hand With Index And Middle Fingers Crossed


    • Call Me Hand


    • Left-Facing Fist


    • Right-Facing Fist


    • Raised Back Of Hand


    • Handshake


    • Black Heart


    • Gorilla


    • Fox Face


    • Deer


    • Rhinoceros


    • Bat


    • Eagle


    • Duck


    • Owl


    • Lizard


    • Shark


    • Shrimp


    • Squid


    • Butterfly


    • Wilted Flower


    • Kiwifruit


    • Avocado


    • Potato


    • Carrot


    • Cucumber


    • Peanuts


    • Croissant


    • Baguette Bread


    • Pancakes


    • Bacon


    • Stuffed Flatbread


    • Egg


    • Shallow Pan Of Food


    • Green Salad


    • Glass of Milk


    • Clinking Glasses


    • Tumbler Glass


    • Spoon


    • Octagonal Sign


    • Scooter


    • Motor Scooter


    • Canoe


    • First Place Medal


    • Second Place Medal


    • Third Place Medal


    • Boxing Glove


    • Martial Arts Uniform


    • Person Doing Cartwheel


    • Wrestlers


    • Water Polo


    • Handball


    • Fencer


    • Goal Net


    • Juggling


    • Drum With Drumsticks


    • Shopping Trolley


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