Mountain bikers find body in car at bottom of ravine

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POWAY, Calif. – Authorities Tuesday discovered the body of a man in a car that apparently drove off a road in Poway and crashed down a ravine.

Sheriff's officials say a pair of mountain bikers called 911 at around noon to report a car wreck in a ravine off of Scripps Poway Parkway between Danielson Street and Sycamore Canyon Road.

“They observed a vehicle down inside a ravine and they climbed down to the vehicle and after they got to the vehicle they found a body inside the car,” said San Diego County Sheriff's Deputy Shane Stiles.

Firefighters from Poway and San Diego,  along with San Diego County Sheriff's Deputies, went to the scene. They found a white two-door coupe about 150 to 200 feet down the ravine. A man's body was in the wreck.

“The Medical Examiner is on scene now and will be examining the body to determine cause of death. At this point in time we don’t know if alcohol is a factor in the collision,” Stiles said.

Investigators said they believed the wreck had been in the ravine for at least a day and possibly longer. They are looking into a possible connection with a missing person's report.

“We did have an additional call out of our Ramona substation of a missing person that’s connected to the registered owner of this vehicle,” said Stiles.  “At this point we don’t know if the driver of the vehicle is connected to that missing person but the vehicle is being described in the missing person’s report.”