Fallen Navy SEAL honored with public funeral procession

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SAN DIEGO -- A San Diego-based Navy SEAL killed in action in Iraq last week was laid to rest at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery Friday following an enormous display of support from grateful members of the public.

Petty Officer First Class Charles H. Keating IV, 31, was fatally shot in a May 3 battle with Islamic State forces in Tall Usquf, Iraq. According to the Navy, ISIS broke through the front lines north of the city of Mosul, and Keating's SEAL team and air support were called in to repel the attack.

A funeral service was held at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Coronado, after which a hearse carrying his body and a long procession of vehicles wound their way through the city and across the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge.

Thousands of people -- including students let out from Coronado schools - - lined the route to pay tribute to the fallen SEAL.

His body was returned to Naval Base Coronado on Wednesday, and the Navy held a memorial service for him on Thursday. The Navy announced Keating will be posthumously promoted to Chief Petty Officer. He was eligible for promotion and had passed his chief advancement exam, according to the Navy Times.

He was also awarded a Silver Star and Purple Heart in connection with last week's battle.