Poway to move forward with Tony Gwynn statue

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POWAY, Calif. - Plans to build a Tony Gwynn memorial site in the Padre legend's community of Poway are moving forward.

The Gwynn memorial statue was presented during Tuesday night's city council meeting.

City of Poway Mayor Steve Vaus recalled Gwynn's wife crying when the design was unveiled to a group of jurors, including himself. He explained that the design captured the true essence of Gwynn as not only as Mr. Padre, but as a family man and community member as well.

The Poway City Council motioned to appropriate a $19,529 from the Unappropriated General Fund balanceĀ and waived city fees involved in a fundraising concert at the Poway Center for the Performing Arts earlier this month to help fund the project.

The Tony Gwynn Memorial project was proposed in October. Since then, 30 proposals were submitted from artists across the country, with Seth Vandable chosen to have the winning design.

The goal was to raise $150,000 to fund the project. After numerous donations and contributions from around the county, an approximate $108,203 has been raised so far.

It would take seven to nine months to complete the project at Lake Poway.

Gwynn lived in Poway for 30 years.