Adventures of adorable Utah hedgehog are going viral

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SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – An adorable hedgehog with a unique facial feature is going viral for his adventures.

The African pygmy hedgehog’s adorable face and what look like vampire fangs have won over thousands of followers on Instagram.

University of Utah student Carolyn Jonette adopted Mr. Hodge Huffington. She told the Daily Mail she struggles with seasonal depression and the toothy friend makes her smile, FOX 13 reported.

“I set up the Instagram account a few months ago because living in Utah, I struggle with seasonal depression and wanted to do something that made not only myself smile but other people smile as well,” Carolyn told Daily Mail.  “What better way to do that than cute pictures of a hedgehog?”

The animal also goes by SIRHodge Huffington, The Cricket Slayer and King of the Quills, Carter posted.