Family booted from Rockies’ game for breaking ‘unknown’ rule

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DENVER – A family was kicked out of the Colorado Rockies stadium earlier this week after he tossing a home run ball back onto the field, FOX 31 reported.

Brandon Sanchez, his wife and stepsons were enjoying the Rockies-Giants game at Coors Field Tuesday night. It was the first time Sanchez's stepsons had gone to a professional baseball game.

In the sixth inning, the Giants hit a home run, which landed in Sanchez’s hands. His stepsons were excited, but Sanchez couldn't care less, FOX 31 reported.

Moments later, staff and security approached Sanchez, telling him he and his family had to leave, FOX 31 reported. 

“And we’re like ‘What? Just for throwing the ball back out on the field?'” he said. “Once [security] approached the kids, they just started shaking and crying."

“At no time should a foul or home run ball be thrown back on the field. Violators will be subject to ejection," according to the Rockies. 

Sanchez had no clue – like most people who were asked about the rule.

Sanchez wasn’t thrilled with the Rockies’ decision, but he told FOX 31 he’ll remain a fan. He hopes to bring the boys back to a different game and if he catches another ball, he said he’ll hold on to it instead of throwing it back onto the field.