Child falls from moving van

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SHANTOU, China – Another disturbing video of a child falling out of a moving car in China has emerged.

A child in China fell out of a moving van at a stop light and was run over by another car, video from CCTV showed.

The video shows the van stop and several adults run out of the vehicle acting quickly to rescue the child, who was underneath the car behind theirs.  The child suffered minor injuries, according to CCTV.

American Journal of Preventative Medicine published a study from 2014 about parents’ knowledge, attitude and use of child restraints in the city of Shantou, China. The study in China found that child restraint use was very low.

Only 22 of 3,333 (.6%) observed children used child safety seats and only 8.7% used seat belts, according to the study. The findings indicated that child restraint policies and education approaches were urgently needed in China.

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