Exploding watermelon blows the internet’s mind

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Yes, over 3 million people watched on Facebook as a watermelon exploded.

Two Buzzfeed reporters applied more than 500 rubber bands to a watermelon waiting for it to explode while live broadcasting on Facebook.

Facebook live is a new feature that allows users to broadcast to their followers.

The reporters, attired in white hazmat suits, applied rubber bands one after another until the explosion happened. It took them about 45 minutes to perform their experiment, which raked in almost a million live viewers Friday afternoon. Since then the video has has been viewed over 3 million times.

“If it doesn’t explode, this will be a worse cliffhanger then the ‘Walking Dead’ season finale” one user posted in the comments while anxiously waiting for the explosion.

“I want to stop watching so bad but I’m already committed,” another user posted.

“Wish I never clicked this as now I can’t get off until I see it explode. … I might be late for work.”

And then the moment everyone was waiting for: Boom! The watermelon burst and so did the responses on social media.

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