Vandals smash windows at historical Whaley House Museum

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SAN DIEGO -- Investigators are looking for the people that vandalized the Whaley House, a haunted museum in the heart of Old Town.

Someone broke two front windows and sprayed the front porch with a dry chemical fire extinguisher overnight Saturday, San Diego Fire-Rescue official said.

"When they closed up yesterday there was no damage, the facility was just fine. So sometime during the night and approximately 8:45 this morning when they arrived to open it up they noticed broken windows and a white powder on the front porch," said Cpt. Jeff Gantz with the San Diego Fire Department.

San Diego police initially went to investigate the vandalism, but called firefighters and Hazmat crews due to the chemicals.  Crews blocked off the area to investigate and keep people from breathing it.

"We’re just keeping a buffer of about five feet away, because it is a bit airborne, a little bit of an irritant. We just don’t want other people breathing it in while they’re cleaning it up," said Gantz.

The cleanup efforts did not pose a high risk to the public. The museum was reopened to the public around 2:30 p.m.