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Incredibly rare sighting of whale birth seen off coast of Dana Point

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SAN DIEGO – Described as a once in a lifetime experience, whale watchers captured video of an extremely rare sighting of a whale giving birth in the ocean just north of San Diego County.

About 50 passengers were aboard a whale watching boat off the coast of Dana Point Saturday afternoon when they witnessed the birth.

“A pod came over to the boat and pushed up against it. Our crew wasn’t sure what was going on. Then, to their surprise there was blood, then the baby,” Capt. Dave said.

Kids and adults aboard one of Capt. Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari boats were overjoyed to see the miracle of birth.

“It was amazing that it happened in front our boat. I’m not sure if anyone’s seen that before,” Capt. Dave said.

The pod stayed around their boat for such a long time, Capt. Dave’s crew had to leave them to return to their dock. Later in the day, the crews returned to the same area, but the whales had moved on.

The captain said they’ve been busy this season due to the slow-moving migrating whales.

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