New bra design conceals knife, pepper spray for protection

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RICHMOND, Va. – A scary encounter led a Texas woman to develop a bra that can hold pepper spray and a knife.

Last April, Jennifer Cutrona was training for a marathon near her favorite wooded trail in Texas.  Her earbuds were in, and she caught off guard when a man lurking in the woods jumped out to grab her, WTVR reported.

The day after her assault she sewed a sheath into her sports bra so she could carry a knife for protection.

“If I were to be killed senselessly on a trail for somebody's thrill, how bad it would impact their world?” Cutrona said.  “It had to happen for me to move forward....I was excited that I got away, but I know a lot of women aren't that lucky.”

After her assault, Cutrona invented and patented a new self-defense bra, called “Booby Trap Bras.”  Cutrona said women should prepare for the worst when they go out to run alone.

She patented the bra – designed for activity -- which provides women a way to safely store a special knife or pepper spray which they can easily access if attacked.

“It wasn't done out of fear, to live in fear, it was done just to be prepared just in case,” she said.

The pepper spray has a blue dye added to it, to help police detect the attacker.

Within three months of her design, Cutrona began shipping her online orders.

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