Explore San Diego: Secret Swings Overlook Pacific Ocean

SAN DIEGO – Perched on a hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean is a hidden spot perfect for couples and families -- call it a romantic mystery in the woods. Two swings are hidden on the vast University of California, San Diego campus.

Swinging on one of them sends you soaring above the bushes, spying on cars zipping below on the way to the Birch Aquarium.

And it’s not the only secret swing there.  Further down a dirt trail is an even more hidden one – a swinging bench that shows off La Jolla Shores and the Cove. This one is more secluded than the other -- an added bonus for couples looking for alone time.

For the adventurous lovebirds, there’s also a tee pee hideaway, along with a primitive tree house taking you high up the eucalyptus.

Finding these places isn’t hard. You can access the trail from two parking lots – the UCSD graduate housing parking lot on Discovery Way or the Birch Aquarium parking lot. Just go to the end and the trail is on the left.

As for who built them and when, now that’s a mystery. But just recently, a third set of swings was taken down, leaving behind a bench and a reminder to enjoy these hidden gems before they go away.

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