Tony Hawk tweets about bad flight to Australia

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Tony Hawk (Getty Images)

LOS ANGELES – Professional skateboarder Tony Hawk was not happy about his recent flight to Australia and sounded off on Twitter Wednesday.

When Hawk booked his family’s 15 hour flight from Los Angeles to Sydney, Australia aboard United Airlines months ago. At the time of booking, their tickets had them seated next to each other. When the Hawk family arrived to board their flight, they were split up around the cabin.

Hawk was not pleased and took to Twitter around 6 a.m.

“My family’s debacle with @united was so bad tonight that if felt intentionally malicious. Here’s my whaaambulance: (seriously, it sucked),” Tony Hawk tweeted. “@united we had confirmed seats together but then my family got split up around the cabin for some unknown reason when ticketed LAX-SYD UA839.”

United Airlines quickly responded to his tweet apologizing and asked for him to contact them directly to work it out.

@tonyhawk It’s never our intention for a customer to walk away unhappy Tony, how could I make things better? ^SV.”

@united we didn’t notice because I assumed we had the same seats that were confirmed months ago. Hoping this won’t happen on return flight,” Hawk responded.

By 10:30 a.m., Hawk deleted his tweet and did not respond to inquiries.

A fan of Hawk joined their conversation surprised that a famous person has the same issues as everyone else.

@tonyhawk @united this even happens to famous people really UNITED to be devided,” Al Pallone posted.

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