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Unfortunately, the film went south rather quickly.

It’s great that the Digital Gym gets a lot of these films you won’t see anywhere else in San Diego. And if your a fan of horror flicks, you’ll probably want to head over to see this gory, anthology film.
The vibe of it reminded me a little of “It Follows,” and with the desolate backroads, also sort of a Twilight Zone feel. Yet some of the acting made me feel like I was watching a bad ’70s porno.
This has five different horror stories (it used four directors and six writers). The real star might be the landscapes, which are shot well. What the movie needed instead of great atmosphere, were a few more scares.
Folks familiar with the V/H/S series will be familiar with the cast and feel of it.
Only one of the stories worked for me (The Accident), and that involves a person hitting somebody with his car and taking the woman to the hospital. I won’t spoil how that went down, but it was interesting (and might be hard for some people to stomach).
The segment with the all-girl band The White Tights…was poorly acted and uninteresting.
Sometimes things were on the gory side, but more often than not — the boring side. Things shouldn’t have felt so slow moving. At times you’ll be confused, and some characters overlap in the stories. There are probably two twists too many.
This gets 1 1/2 stars out of 5.
Check the show times of some of the other films at the Digital Gym, as they sound rather interesting (I’m planning on seeing Tumbledown in the next few days).
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