As shipwreck resurfaces, Coronado lifeguards urge caution

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CORONADO, Calif. – A shipwreck off the coast of Coronado has recently reappeared as a result of winter storms, and lifeguards are urging beachgoers to take caution as they explore the rusty wreckage.

The SS Monte Carlo, a 300-foot gambling ship, washed up on South Coronado Beach during a winter storm in 1937. From time to time during low tide, varying amounts of the remains reappear.

But Coronado lifeguards say it’s been nearly 20 years since it’s been this exposed, thanks to El Nino and high surf causing more sand erosion than normal.

Crowds of tourists and locals alike have set out to walk around and climb on the wreckage. Lifeguards urge people to be aware of the large amount of metal and concrete sticking out of the sand, citing a couple of accidents over the last few days.

“We`ve had a couple of rescues around the shipwreck where people got close to take a look at it and they get into a hole,” said Capt. Sean Carey of Coronado Lifeguards. “There are deep holes around the shipwreck. It can go from knee-deep to maybe neck-deep, just like that, in a second.”

Lifeguards also urge beachgoers to wear some type of footwear and to keep an eye on small children.