Logan Elementary teachers, parents say district misled them

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SAN DIEGO -- Dozens of parents, faculty members and students showed up at a meeting Thursday to save Logan Elementary, but moments after it started it became apparent their efforts didn't matter.

As the meeting started, San Diego Unified School District Chief Facilities Planning & Construction Officer Lee Dulgeroff made this announcement:

"We're going to build a project here and renovate buildings, provide better teaching and learning environment, extended all the way from pre-K through a high school."

The idea is to turn Logan Elementary and nearby Memorial Prep into one big campus that will also have a high school, something the community opposes.

After the announcement was made people started to voice their opinions.

"I came here to see what you guys were talking about, but so much of what I hear so far, it's what you guys are going to do," said an unidentified parent.

Dulgeroff insisted they were still gathering ideas and wanted the public's input, but during an interview with FOX 5 before the meeting started, this is what he said.

"We're going to formally announce that we are planning a K-12 school on this campus."

Residents are leery of the K-12 campus because they like the way Logan Elementary is set up with a "cozy learning environment."

"We have 60 students per grade level and now they're telling us it's going to 225," said teacher Kathryn Lloyd. "We're a community, we're family. To have that many students on campus, kids get lost... parents send their kids to where they know it's safe."

Dulgeroff said after the meeting, a decision on the K-12 project won't be final until late March or April.


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