Shelter dog saves owner from apartment fire

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SAN DIEGO – A man who says his adopted dog saved his life is sharing his story in hopes others will consider rescuing a furry friend.

In the middle of a cold January night, a 17-pound dog named Carl started barking and licking the face of his owner at their North Park apartment.

“He never barks and he only licks my face in the mornings,” said Drew Smith, Carl’s owner.

Smith tried to go back to sleep, but Carl was insistent that something was wrong.

“I poured myself a glass of water and then finally turned on the light and the whole house was covered in smoke,” Smith said.

That’s when Smith discovered that a smoldering fire had erupted inside his apartment. As the flames started to devour the walls, fire crews swept in and beat back the flames, saving Smith, along with his possessions and the rest of the complex.

Smith says Carl the wonder dog saved the day.

“It's scary to think if he hadn't woken me up, what really could have happened if he didn’t wake me up," Smith said. "He's obviously made the rest of my life better already. He's probably already made my life a lot longer.

Now Smith is asking everyone who has space, time and love to adopt a puppy from the San Diego Department of Animal Services.

“Give them a chance. They may give you a second chance,” Smith said.

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