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Kensington family adjusts to life with quadruplets

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SAN DIEGO –- A Kensington family of three is adjusting to the reality that it is now a family of seven after welcoming home the last of their quadruplets from the hospital over the weekend.

Charlie, Henry, Dillon and Claire Ferraro were born at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital on Jan. 7.  On Sunday, Charlie, the last quadruplet, arrived home from the hospital.  The family is now complete with five children all under the age of two years old.

Their first day home began with a big surprise.  Four giant storks carrying baby bundles lined the front lawn of the Ferraro home.

"I’ve never done this for triplets or quadruplets. (A similar opportunity) will probably never come along again," said Lisa Brown.

Brown is the creator of The Daily Stork, a birth announcement rental service.  Brown produces larger-than-life wooden birds for rental to announce the arrival of new babies.

"When I heard about the Ferraro's, I knew I wanted to donate four to them," said Brown.

For one week, the four storks will stay at the Ferraro home, announcing the four newest additions to the family.

“It’s been 24 hours about right now, yeah and it has been insane,” said Charlie Ferraro.

“You can only feed so many babies at once, so we are totally OK with crying babies,” Katie Ferraro.

Katie and Charlie said the hardest part is the night feedings.

“Usually, you have to pick which two get to eat first,” said Charlie.

“We sometimes look at each other like how did this happen?” said Katie.

The quadruplets are fraternal, but sometimes identity gets difficult.

“In the middle of night, occasionally we might have gotten Henry and Dillon mixed up, but they don’t know, so it’s ok,” said Katie. “We just sort them out in the morning and it’s fine."
Four babies are definitely a handful, but Charlie and Katie aren’t new to parenting.  Molly, their eldest daughter at 18 months old is there to assist and they welcome any other willing volunteers.

“We’re grateful for our family, our friends, our neighbors, perfect strangers, so far it’s been easy,” said Katie.  “When people ask you for help you hope they really mean it, because we always say yes.”

If you'd like to know more about the Ferraro's baby journey, Katie is keeping a blog called Fourtified Family.

[UPDATED 3-23-2016] The Ferraro Family posted this photo in March - Adorable!!

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