Rare sighting of 3 bald eagles flying in Lakeside caught on video

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SAN DIEGO – New video shows a rare sighting of three bald eagles at Lake Jennings in Lakeside.

The eagles were perched in a eucalyptus tree next to the lake Thursday around 7:45 a.m. All three appeared to be full grown.

"They were in the trees, then they flew over us and had the little scuffle (or likely a mating attempt). Then, they flew west towards the 67 freeway," said photographer Greg Torkelson.  He said he watched the eagles for five minutes before they left the area. "It was remarkable to see a bird that was fearing extinction in the 70s."

Wildlife teams reported seeing three pairs of bald eagles nesting in San Diego County in March 2013.

Bald eagle perched in a tree at Lake Jennings.

Bald eagle perched in a tree at Lake Jennings. (SDNV)

Eagle biologist Dave Bittner with Wildlife Research Institute said it is not unusual to see an increased number of bald eagles flying around San Diego County at this time of the year. Although, he said his team wasn't aware the eagles were at Lake Jennings and would be heading out that way in the near future to watch them.

WRI teams have seen bald eagles reside in the Ramona Grasslands Preserve, near Lake Henshaw and reservoirs for years.  One pair has produced at least 26 young over the last 14 years, according to Bittner.

The eagles are getting ready to lay eggs soon, Bittner said. If people see a nest, they should not go anywhere near it.

Bittner invites bird enthusiasts to the WRI Hawk Watch events in Ramona every Saturday through February.

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