Dog lost for 2 weeks found in ditch by Caltrans workers

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SAN DIEGO – The owner of a blind, deaf and feeble Jack Russell Terrier is telling an amazing tale of survival.

Mike Davidson spent the last two weeks searching for his 14-year-old Jack Russell Terrier named "Heidi" who went missing in Mission Hills.

“Every day, I take Heidi and Luke (a Labrador mix) for a walk on the trail at the end of 3rd Street in Hillcrest,” said Davidson.

A couple weeks ago, the trio set out on the trail and Heidi disappeared.

“I got a phone call and I wasn’t watching her. She just walked into an oblivion, she was gone,” said Davidson, who continued to search the hillside for days.  “I thought dead. No question."

Heidi the dogThen, Monday morning Davidson received a phone call.

“He said 'do you have a dog called Heidi?'” said Davidson. “I almost had a heart attack.”

Heidi was been found by a Caltrans crew working near Interstate 8. The little dog had trekked almost a mile through the steep slopes and bushes.

“They heard some whining, she never whines. They found her right in the area they were digging,” said Davidson.

“She’s 14 blind and deaf and feeble, how did she last that long? She’s just a tough little gal. It’s really remarkable,” said Davidson.

Heidi had no food, no water for 14 days and she even managed to emerge unscathed from Sunday’s heavy rain and wind.

“When I went to go pick her up, these three gruff looking guys were holding her in their arms,” said Davidson. “I didn’t get their names, but thanked them profusely.”

Davidson said thanks to those men his little family is back together again.

“It’s just the three of us and when it was the two of us, there was a great big hole missing, you know?”

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