Ocean Beach council approves beach security cameras

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SAN DIEGO -- A divided Ocean Beach Town Council voted to support installing 10 police surveillance cameras to crack down on crime in the beach area.

Residents packed the council meeting Wednesday night to speak for and against the plan. While some opposed the cameras because of concerns about privacy rights, others argued that they are a necessary tool to fight a growing crime problem.

“I’ve seen those guys smoking crack, homeless people fighting each other with razor blade knives,” said one supporter of the cameras.

Many privacy activists were livid with the outcome and said that they would continue to fight the plan.

“I don’t want to be at the beach with the cops watching me 24 hours a day,” said Rick Callajon a privacy activist.

The 10 camera’s are expected to be installed in a matter of weeks, and proponents said this public safety measure has been long over due.

Councilwoman Lorie Zapf spearheaded the plan spending $61,000 of the city’s general fund to add the surveillance.


  • i.b.long

    “Many privacy activists were livid….”

    “Many”??? As in, one or two people???

    Additionally, Rick doesn’t hang out at the beach, doesn’t participate in community events there, nor is he involved in any way with anti-crime or related quality of life issues in OB.

    Does he even live in OB?

  • Focks News

    It was pretty mixed, but there were slightly more in support. According to Fox, this guys an “anti-privacy activist”. Lol! Anyhow that reporter clearly didn’t pay any attention. The town council did not vote or approve anything at the meeting. It wasn’t even on the agenda, it was brought up by audience members. And the camera cost is $25K not $61K.

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