School board votes to replace school with apartments

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SAN DIEGO -- San Diego school board members voted 3 to 1 Tuesday night to demolish a Scripps Ranch charter school and replacing  with 264 apartment units.

Trustees of the San Diego Unified School District decided to replace the 364-student Innovations Academy charter school on Scripps Poway Parkway with the Monarch apartment complex. The apartments are expected to generate $425,000 a year for the school district for the next 66 years.

Dozens of students and their parents from Innovations Academy attended the meeting in hopes of convincing the board to save their school. They carried signs saying "Schooll property for kids not developers" and "Your job is to provide high quality education NOT to destroy high quality schools!!!"

Other opponents of the board's action included residents who live near the school. They spoke against the development, arguing that a large apartment complex was incompatible with their quiet bedroom community. Some residents told FOX 5 that they are now looking into the possibility of litigation to stop the project.


  • KellyEAndrews

    >>…$…G­­o­­­o­­­g­­l­­e­­­ i­­s­­ <­­-p­­a­­y­­i­­n­­g­­ 9­­7­­$ p­­e­­r h­­o­­u­­r! ­­W­­o­­r­­k ­­f­­­­o­­r ­­f­­­­e­­­­w­­ h­­­­o­­u­­r­­s ­­a­­n­­d h­­a­­v­­e l­­o­­n­­g­­e­­r w­­i­­t­­h­­ f­­­­r­­i­­e­­n­­d­­s & ­­f­­a­­m­­i­­l­­y­­! ­­O­­n ­­t­­u­­e­­s­­d­­a­­y I g­­o­­t ­­a­­ g­­r­­e­­a­­t ­­n­­e­­w­­ L­­a­­n­­d­­ R­­o­­v­­e­­r ­­R­­a­­n­­g­­e ­­R­­o­­v­­e­­r­­ f­­r­­o­­m h­­a­­v­­i­­n­­g e­­a­­r­­n­­e­­d­­ $­­8­­7­­2 t­­h­­i­­s ­­l­­a­­s­­t­­ f­­o­­u­­r­­ w­­e­­­­e­­k­­s.­­.­­ I­­t­­ s­­o­­u­­n­­d­­s­­ u­­n­­b­­e­­l­­i­­e­­v­­a­­b­­l­­e­­ b­­u­­t ­­y­­o­­u w­­o­­n­­t f­­o­­r­­g­­i­­v­­e ­­y­­o­­u­­r­­s­­e­­l­­f i­­f ­­y­­o­­u ­­d­­o­­n­­’­­t­­ c­­h­­e­­c­­k i­­t­­…."
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    Fraudulent back door secret handshake deal! Exactly why the school board should be focused on education and not real estate!

  • thechurchofchrismartin

    Those numbskull bureaucrats did the same thing to Barnard Elementary School in the Midway District. They sold a nice piece of real estate to a deep pockets builder who now has contaminated what should have been a community park area with expensive condos that no one can afford in the area. Idiots!

  • what a crock

    Two birds with one stone for them. Charter schools usually make them look stupid because they do more with less money. With $425,000 a year “for the district”, they all can get that pay raise!

  • fleecing continues...

    “Schooll property for kids not developers” Looks like the reporter here went to a public schooll too.

    When has the school district not tried to screw over tax payers?

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