Scam targets local Bank of America customers

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SAN DIEGO -- The San Diego County District Attorney's office is warning people of a banking scam that surfaced about 10 days ago.

People pretending to be Bank of America employees are calling people warning them about discrepancies with their bank accounts and recommend that they call a phone number in Sacramento.

People who call are then asked to provide personal information that could give the suspects access to personal accounts.

"The scammers are trying to get unsuspecting customers of Bank of America to divulge information using ruse there are irregularities with your account 'there's a number we need you to call straight away and speak to a supervisor,' " said Deputy District Attorney Paul Greenwood.

Greenwood recommends simply hanging up to anyone who gets one of these calls.

"Your real bank will never call you asking for information, don't fall for it," said Greenwood.