South Bay teachers outraged over contract

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SAN DIEGO -- With an impasse declared by the South Bay Union School District, nearly 200 district teachers marched ahead of Thursday night's school board meeting.

San Diego police blocked a couple of intersections along Coronado Avenue for the marchers to safely cross.

At issue were failed negotiations overy pay. Negotiation teams from the Southwest Teachers Association and the Southbay Union School District have been in talks since May of 2015. Educators are fighting for an increase in salary and asking for counselors and at least one nurse at each school.

This all came to head when the district superintendent received a pay raise.

FOX 5 reached out to the South Bay Union School District. Dr. Katie Mcnamara sent a statement that read in part:

" a result of this persistent disagreement in negotiations, on January 20, 2016, the District informed the SWTA Bargaining Team of its intent to declare an impasse and request the Public Employment Relations Board to authorize the commencement of the mediation process."


  • STOP!

    If they can get a better offer I would highly encourage them to follow the money instead of twisting the taxpayers arm! y sad that these teachers get half the year off and still complain about their already generous pay and benefits! If they keep this up their days will be numbered as technology and views change!

    • Teachers Deserve Respect!

      Obviously you have no respect for educators and have no knowledge of the facts at hand. You are one of the many ignorant community members that does not acknowledge nor understand all of the work that being an educator entails. 1st off, teachers do not have half of the year off. Second, the pay is not very generous at all for the amount of hours that gets put in. Teachers are not given benefits. I advise you to inform yourself on what other issues are at stake, such as reducing class size, and hiring more nurses to meet ill students needs instead of only focusing on the pay issue that teachers really do deserve.

  • Teachers are commies

    President Trump would ensure that there are fewer Spanish speaking students sucking up taxpayer dollars.

  • Laura Herrera

    To whom it may concern:
    I thank you in advance for the space provided to me to express the needs and concerns, and most important the urgent requirements needed at Mendoza Elementary School. My name is Laura Herrera and I am writing to you on the behalf all concerned parents whose children attend this school. I too am one of those parents, as my own two daughters attend as well. But I am also invested in this school because I am a parent volunteer and witness the needs of both students and teachers alike.
    For example, While the school has a nurse’s office, there is no full time registered medical staff at the school. To my knowledge, teachers and the school secretaries are filling in for this position. This is a potential risk for both the staff and the students, as accidents, illnesses, and other support needs are not being properly met. There is not enough staff to attend to the needs of students, most particularly since teachers cannot leave their students unattended in the classroom nor is there enough staff to provide assistance. Occasionally parents volunteers are able to help, but these volunteers not enough nor are they the properly trained as nurses.
    Something as simple as bathroom breaks, are difficult because they can’t leave students unattended. They need teacher’s aides. They also need new materials because they spend their own money on supplies. Teachers are usually spending their personal time to plan their lesson, and to correct their students work. They are in need of a pay increase because of the extra effort they put into the students and their work.
    Children’s education is a commitment. We as parents are investors in the future. Every penny that is invested in public education comes from our taxes. We are expecting you to provide more support to teachers and staff because children are our future. This is why it is so important that our money gets the correct usage and school spending goes into the classroom and not into administration.

    Thank you

  • Phillip t

    So….you chose a profession that doesn’t pay squat…then complain about it?

    Hmmm, not very smart, are you? lol!

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