Pastor Joel Osteen hosts San Diego event

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SAN DIEGO – Popular pastor Joel Osteen brought “A Night of Hope” to San Diego Friday night.

Osteen’s event at Valley View Casino Center was a family affair. Son Jonathan and daughter Alexandria Osteen brought the music as their father brought the inspirational message.

After the San Diego event, he headed home to Houston, Texas, where he is pastor at Lakewood Church.

FOX 5’s Jaime Chambers talked one-on-one with Osteen about his new book, “Power of I Am,” before he took the stage:


  • Wolf Mann

    Joel is a self admitted Narcissist who is obsessed with his own looks. The guy is a multi-,illionaire and continues to asks for more and more of your money. Lives in a mansion. I don’t believe this is a Christ-like existence he is modeling for anyone.

    • Etime Soy

      On point, Olsteen is a motivational speaker at best, wealth and prosperity gospel, not repent of your sins, you need a savior. Instead you need more wealth and to buy more of Olsteen’s products and read them not the bible.

      • Eileen Fitzpatrick

        First, why don’t you try to spell the man’s name correctly before you degrade him or his preachings. It’s “OSTEEN,” not “OLSTEEN.”

  • Michael Johnson

    What a great interview by Jaime Chambers! We just got back from the “Night Of Hope” and it was AWESOME. He is a great Champion of God and delivers a great message. IDC what Mr. Wolfmann says, he is a great inspiration and makes more people come to Jesus. So regardless of your personal opinions, he does it all for the right reasons. Tickets were cheap and there was no fights or alcohol there! We even sponsored a child while we were there and he met our entire family (as well as around 100 other families) after the show. He shook my hand and took a moment to say hello graciously to everyone there. Does he live in a mansion and have a huge amount of money….yes he does…but his message is pure and he has helped millions accept Jesus into their hearts. We are all going to heaven someday…….ARE YOU?????

    • Chandler Dinsmore

      The bottom line. When people get behind that curtain to vote, and no one can see who they vote for, they will vote for Trump or anyone who says what he says. Trump just says what many people are thinking, but don’t have the cojones to say publicly. These are the same people who say, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe he got elected”, and they voted for him.

    • Etime Soy

      I suppose you are going to vote for that pathological liar hillary clinton or some other democrat that promises you the world and make the rich pay for it, huh. Talk about brainless. I bet you are on some sort of government dole, unemployment, disability, food stamps, live in section 8 housing….talk about sheeple….

  • thechurchofchrismartin

    Praise the Lord for Joel Osteen. And I challenge any of you out there to listen to this Pastor and take in his message to your heart. You will be surprised how much his words–both Biblical and otherwise–can help heal your issues. Good for Joel & Victoria that they live in a mansion and have plenty of money. More importantly, is how he helps those out there who are suffering & looking to straighten out their messed up lives. I love Joel Osteen!

  • Trailer Trash for Osteen

    Good lord. I went to the event. You know the old saying, religion is for the mentally weak? Well I can say religion is for the poor, weak, trailer trash. All the trump voters were there. Duggar supporters as well. Sad what the right wing has come to. Reagan would be ashamed of the trailer trash GOP. Get a life! Stop making this guy rich!

  • Selena

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  • Ted Strickland

    That’s the face of a 52 year old man? There has been several nips and tucks to that youthful face.. He’s such a phony just like the Bakker and the Crouches just GREED.. He claims all his millions were derived from this book sales???
    can’t wait for the day him and Victoria are exposed for what and who they really are

  • Lorenza Mendoza

    Man o man I did not know nothing of this I wish I could’ve went I’m bummed. Joel Osteen motivational speaking is so Oooo uplifting and is what I always need to hear. I’m surrounded always with negative ppl everyday. So i need to encouragement and an good spirit. None of MAURY POVICH OR STEVE WILCOS DRAMATIC LOUD IRRITABLE PPL.

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