Volunteers clean up 600 lbs. of beach trash after storms

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SAN DIEGO -- As the weather returned to normal Saturday, volunteers with the local nonprofit Cleanups for Change scoured Ocean Beach for debris left behind by El Niño’s arrival.

“We`re just going to get hit again, I mean this is the beginning of El Niño so might as well get out here now and pick it all up,” said Jon Carr, a board member of the organization.

The efforts targeted the area left underwater just days earlier.

“A few days ago you couldn`t stand right here,” said volunteer George Kindley. “You look down the way a couple of blocks, it`s where we had the severe flooding, it`s where the cars were underwater. The hills looked like rivers.”

More than 90 volunteers picked, bagged and tossed away trash stuck in the sand and lining the beach.

More than 600 pounds of trash were collected along the coast and area streets.

Nine-year-old Taylor Kindley spent the day with her father helping clean up the storm’s aftermath.

“Bags, cigarettes, and lots of bottles, glass bottles,” said Taylor. “I want our beaches clean and I don`t like ocean beach to be so dirty.”

The cleanup effort was part of their previously planned events, which are scheduled quarterly.

Volunteers said they’re trying to stay ahead of the storms before it becomes too much to pick up.

“With the heavy rains you`re going to have more debris, all the storm drains that are clogged, we have to get the trash before it gets in there and causes more of a problem,” said George Kindley.