Border Patrol agent accused of having sex with drugged girl

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Border Patrol agent

SAN DIEGO — A Border Patrol agent accused of having sexual contact with an intoxicated girl he allegedly plied with cocaine and used to produce child pornography¬†pleaded not guilty Thursday to felony charges.

Daniel Alfredo Spear, 45, faces 16 years and four months in state prison if convicted of seven counts, including oral copulation of an intoxicated minor, providing cocaine to a minor and use of a minor in the production of child porn.

Spear remains free after posting $275,000 bail. Judge David Szumowski ordered the defendant to have no contact with the victim — who is between 14 and 18 years old — and to relinquish his firearms to a gun dealer or family member within 48 hours.

Spear is on administrative leave from the Border Patrol while the case is pending, said defense attorney Kerry Armstrong.

Deputy District Attorney Marisa Di Tillio said the alleged offenses took place between last July and October at the defendant’s home and at a hotel in San Diego. The defendant was arrested New Year’s Day during a traffic stop at a Lemon Grove shopping center near his home.

Spear will be back in court Feb. 18 for a readiness conference and March 3 for a preliminary hearing.


      • Edward

        Deported to where? Seriously?? You’re dumb.! Why people have the balls to say dumb comments like that, I bet you wouldn’t say that in front of a US MARINE with 3 tours in Iraq and born in MEXICO. Right??? Don’t be ignorant we all know who the bad guys are and believe me, they don’t cross the river to blow people up. So get your $hit together.

    • Thanks OBAMA!

      Wow, is isn’t true! These are officers we trust to keep us safe. We the people entrust them with special powers and privilege’s that when abused leaves a sense of mistrust and lack of respect! If true, and I hope like hell it isn’t, Jail is too nice considering the abuse of not just the minor juvenile innocence but the trust we have in our government and its officials to perform honestly and professionally at all times!

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