‘Making a Murderer’: Reporter reveals evidence left out of popular documentary

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SAN DIEGO – As fans continue to obsess about the Netflix docuseries "Making a Murderer," FOX 5 anchor Jenn Karlman, who covered Steven Avery's trial, recalls evidence and other details left out of the series.

Fans of "Making a Murderer" are calling for the release of its subject. Almost 200,000 people have signed online petitions seeking a pardon for Avery, whose case is the subject of "Making a Murderer."

Petitions have been launched on Change.org and at the White House, asking for a presidential pardon for Avery and his nephew Brendan Dassey, who were convicted of murdering photographer Teresa Halbach.

"Steven Avery should be exonerated at once by presidential pardon, and the Manitowoc County officials complicit in his two false imprisonments should be held accountable to the highest extent of the U.S. criminal and civil justice systems," the Change.org petition states.

Avery was released from prison in 2003 when DNA evidence exonerated him in a woman's brutal attack. He had served 18 years for the crime. Two years later, in the midst of a civil suit he filed over his false conviction, Avery was arrested and convicted for Halbach's murder.

Filmmakers Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos put together "Making a Murderer" over a decade. Former Calumet County District Attorney Ken Kratz was the special prosecutor in the case against Avery and his nephew and has said the pair left out crucial evidence that pointed to Avery's guilt -- a charge the filmmakers have denied.

"One of the things I hope viewers who really engage with the series will take away from this is this question of, if they have lingering questions, are they comfortable living with that?" Ricciardi told The Daily Beast. "There are now two people who are behind bars, probably for life. Do our viewers feel satisfied with the process that led to those convictions?"


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  • idiot liberals

    Look, the bottom line is this: Avery raped, tortured and killed the girl before he burned her body. That is indisputable.

    On top of that, this sick career criminal is a child molester (his male cousins) and horribly abused animals (he soaked a cat in gas and oil and threw it in a fire).

    The ONLY question is of police misconduct/evidence tampering. Sure, they might’ve done that.

    The filthy criminal deserved death; life in prison is fine, too.

    All this film producer did was sell lies to gullible liberals by slanting the truth and leaving out crucial info. Basically, the NetFlix movie is pure fiction. Anyone who believes the film’s content may need to know that Start Wars, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny aren’t real, either…


    • Whatevs

      I look at your bottom line and it tells me you cook up the simplest reality possible in your tadpole brain and then lash out at everything that doesn’t line up with it. Now go and vote for Trump since you hate America so much.

    • David

      Lol, very nice. A liberal posing as a conservative making rash statements about popular subjects in hopes that the general public is stupid enough to think conservatives (or any non liberal really) is against Steve Avery. I have seen these weird posts before. Are they all you or are there several of you?

    • Dave

      Ok?…the documentary was fake? I saw a lot of real news clips and real footage? Exactly what was “fake”? Did Dassey not do his own stunts?

  • David

    Strange title for this video. The only evidence she brought up was that Avery was texting Halbach the day of the murder as someone else? So basically she is bringing up evidence of something that never happened and was never in the actually court case?
    We all know that she referring to the three calls made in the name of his sister (who was selling the car) in which 2 were *67’d. But for those who don’t know she just went on live TV and made up evidence of texting. You would think that she works for the prosecution….

    • Dave

      Duh she works for the prosecution. Did u see the media coverage in Wisconsin . They crucified him on the news before he was convicted

  • Jacci

    If their is unseen/unheard evidence, show it to the public! I keep reading about other evidence pointing to their guilt, and I have been digging for evidence pointing to their guilt, but just am not finding it! Please correct the record and show the world IF in fact there is other evidence! Prove to us beyond a reasonable doubt that they are guilty!

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