2 men stabbed in fight with bike thieves

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SAN DIEGO — Two men were stabbed in City Heights while trying to get a third man’s stolen bicycle back, police said Tuesday.

The man whose bicycle was taken told his 24-year-old brother and a 19- year-old friend he was robbed by a group of four to six men Monday evening, according to San Diego police Officer Robert Heims. The brother and friend then set out to get the bicycle back.

They came upon a group of four to six men in the vicinity of Fairmount Avenue and Redwood Street shortly after 8 p.m. Monday and a physical altercation ensued, Heims said. At some point, the brother and the friend were each stabbed in the back, he said.

Both victims were taken to a hospital to be treated for non-life- threatening wounds, according to the officer.

It was not immediately clear whether the bicycle was returned.


  • Protection - Where were the cops?

    Point is they cannot be everywhere. There is a response time. Meanwhile an attacker is taking everything you worked for, killing your family or you! Government wants you to think the problem is gun control when in reality it is governments good intentions that are to blame. Government has passed laws that take kindness and respect out of the hearts of citizens and puts it into law. Now, people are simply entitled and pre deserving. When they don’t get what they want they feel they are entitled to what you have. Yes, there are laws against stealing but, honesty has been removed from the thief’s heart and placed on a meaningless (to the thief) piece of paper. Only you respect the laws. The bad guy will not. He knows if he is caught the sentence will be a mere slap on the hand and he will spend a few months hanging out with his buddies (wow, some punishment). This is why gun control laws will only hurt – YOU – the upright citizen who will follow them. The bad guy will be given even greater freedom to HURT – You -, Your Family, and Your Happiness ! Email your assembly member at http://assembly.ca.gov . Tell them you want to have the choice in the future to pro tection. Tell them *** No More gun laws ***they simply will only place you – the good guy – at risk!

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