Program offers gift cards in exchange for guns

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SAN DIEGO — Clergy and law enforcement in San Diego will host a gun exchange program Saturday in which firearms can be traded for gift cards or skateboards, no questions asked.

People who bring working but unloaded shotguns or handguns can receive a skateboard or $100 in gift cards, according to the United African American Ministerial Action Council, which is hosting the event.

An assault weapon can fetch $200 in gift cards, the organizers said.

The event begins at 8 a.m. at Bryco Business Park at 5275 Market Street and aims to get firearms off the streets. Hundreds of guns have been collected at exchanges in previous years.

Organizers said people should not bring any type of explosive, ammunition or inert device.


  • Silly! and Foolish!

    Are these guys crazy? Who in their right mind would give up their protection in this day and age? All for a flimsy gift card? These guns will be worth far more if Hillary gets in there and puts more restrictions on our right to own protection!

  • I'll Give You More

    I see a $400.00 Nambu and a $2,500.00 Colt Single Action Army in the box. I wonder who gets those in their collection?

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